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By Bruce Barbour
Version 1 - April 2016

Part 2 - Happiness

Happiness and Awareness


As with thought, awareness or awareness processes are not themselves happiness. To be happiness producing awareness processes need to be interpreted by the consciousness into the emotional state of happiness. The question becomes what awareness states or processes are most likely to produce happiness.

As stated in Part 1, awareness, or at least sense awareness, is simply the input of sense data through sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste and the pre-thought interpretation of this raw data into shapes and colours and types of smells, odours and sounds. You might think there isn't much scope for happiness from this basic information. But this is not correct because awareness processes have huge potential for happiness. These happiness producing awareness processes occur all the time, it is just that they are not recognised as such. If the various consciousness processes that are occurring are recognised, and they are fit into the consciousness models, then there is potential for these processes not to be just the unconscious by-products of our consciousness processes but they can be deliberately sought out and enhanced to provide a reliable source of happiness.

However before this is discussed I will look at reasons behind awareness processes being a significant potential source of happiness.

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